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Spalding County 消防部门


The members of the Spalding County 消防部门 are committed to serve the people of Spalding County by protecting their lives, environment and property through courteous and responsible services.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life by providing untiring service to training, 教育, promoting fire protection and life safety through code enforcement using sound organized management skills and recognizing our people as the greatest resource and key to success.

Spalding County Fire and Administrative Complex
电话: (770) 228-2129
传真: (770) 228-4785

The Spalding County Fire and Administrative Complex houses the administrative offices and training center for the Spalding County 消防部门, Office of 国土安全 and 应急管理 Agency.

The Spalding County 消防部门 and the Office of 国土安全 strive to continue its quest for excellence as a viable organization in the community.

The 消防部门 remains true to its mission and goals as we service our community and our citizens. Spalding County 消防部门 has always played an important role in ensuring Spalding County remains a great place to live, work and play by providing safety for our citizens and visitors.

The Spalding County 消防部门 takes pride in our past and in the present, while enthusiastically looking forward to the future as we continue to move forward.

Area Served By the Spalding County 消防部门

The Spalding County 消防部门 provides services to 201 square miles and approximately 63,829 residents through the seven stations located within the county. Fire services are contracted to portions of unincorporated Spalding County, including the cities of Sunnyside and Orchard Hill.

The Spalding County 消防部门 has automatic aid agreements in place with the City of Griffin, 巴恩斯维尔市, 菲也特, 屁股, Lamar and Henry counties. These agreements have predetermined areas where both departments will respond automatically due to better proximity to the location even though it may be from a neighboring county.

The Spalding County 消防部门 has mutual aid agreements with the 巴恩斯维尔市, 屁股, Lamar and Pike counties. This is enhanced through mutual aid with the Georgia mutual Aid Group (GMAG) which is comprised of departments in and around metro Atlanta. 除了, the Georgia search and Rescue (GSAR) organization can assist with specialized situations that we may encounter from rescue to hazardous material situations.

History of Spalding County 消防部门

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